Beth + Jesse | St. Paul Sweetheart Session

Beth + Jesse. A perfect couple from the start. I went to college with these two + am so thankful to have met them!! I actually knew them both pretty well before they even started dating! Once they found each other, we all knew there was no turning back. They compliment each other perfectly + have a relationship anyone would adore. They live in the cutest apartment along the water in St. Paul, Minnesota. Which doubled as a PERFECT photography location! I’m so glad I could sneak over + see their place + hang out with them for a night before busy season really hits. Wishing you two all the luck + happiness, love you!

Oh + make sure you make it to the end because we took some fun pictures with Madie and Karina, too!


I LOVE how their personalities shine through here!


The classic Beth-Danielle picture where we steal camera’s and take selfies


A fun little series where madie didn’t know she was supposed be looking at the camera! haha!



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